• Feel refreshed and enjoy the delight - water as a relish is offered where you will crave for it the whole day. From copper glasses, you will get the best water you have ever tasted. They also released you from the tasteless bloating experience. To enjoy the drinking water now you have the best choice as set seamless Glasses. There will be a transformation in your personality and health for an effective future.
  • Save your money through less expensive glasses - Healthy and hygienic water prevent you from all kind of diseases and values your money. The product is having resale value and renewable unlike the clay vessels or dangerous plastic glasses. The glasses are available with a capacity of 500 ml each.
  • Immunity from endless harmful diseases- When comparing with other glasses, copper glasses have an anti-bacterial property which makes it unique. The water which comprises viruses and bacteria is destroyed in copper glasses. It could improve the immunity system of the body and renders a good and healthy life.
  • Purity and true quality of the copper glasses reflect in the water it contains- The water-borne diseases are coming from the impure water. Pure water is given from the glasses made up of pure copper which gives a lifelong guarantee. set of 2 seamless glasses are like a doctor only who helps to keep you healthy and away from diseases. The consumers will remain healthy.
  • Careful manufacturing - Using the most advanced technology in manufacturing, seamless glasses made people to avoid the fake promising low-quality products and step into an energetic world.

Jaypee plus CopperGlass | Set of 2

₹520.00 Regular Price
₹416.00Sale Price
  • Jaypee Plus