• Cello Borosilicate crystal clear glass bottle is 100% toxins free, will not leach chemicals into your drink, and retains freshness. Unlike plastics, it doesn't scratch and doesn't hold onto residual flavours or odours
  • The Crystal clear ads very smart & elegant look to glass bottle which you can proudly carry to places in style. The tight lid of Glass bottle totally leak proof making it a cooler alternative to any other bottle
  • Cello H2O bottles are strong,yet light and travels in style to office, car or wherever you go without leakage or breakage. Borosilicate is quality of glass possible imparts properties like crystal clarity, scratch proof and resistant to breakage
  • Cello assures that products are made to highest standards fusing safe and eco-friendly composition with cutting edge design which will experience for years to come

Cello H2O Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle, 1 Litre, Multicolor

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